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This first proper analysis of the show, written by a scholar-fan, uncovers "Farscape's" layers and those of the living spaceship Moya.

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Jes Battis proposes that "Farscape" is as much about bodies, sex and gender, as it is about wormholes, space ships and interstellar warfare. It is this straddling of genres that makes the show so viewable to such a broad audience, of which almost half are women. He explores "Farscape's" language and characters, including Moya, its creation of 'family and home', of masculinity and femininity, and the transformation of an all-American boy. Table of contents Introduction: Nightmares and Wonders: A Critical Introduction to Farscape 1. Prisoners and Friends: Frell Me Dead, you're totally Fahrbot: Language-Power and Language-Play in Farscape 3.

Farsc Sex

The basic premise of the show is anything but basic. John Crichton Ben Browder attempts to prove his theory of tarsc travel in an experimental mission. Unfortunately, his vessel is sucked down a wormhole and dumped on the Sex farsc fagsc of the universe, directly in the middle of a space battle. The entire mismatched clan must overcome their distaste for each other to outrun the baddies — the militant Peacekeepers — on their living bio-mechanoid ship. Sound like a lot to remember? Tight leather. Lots of it. Poskocil points to this as the reason Crichton is his favorite character. New viewers to the program are often put off by the fact that Farscape is a production of the Jim Henson Company.

Throughout its duration, Seex show has consistently explored its darker side, featuring episodes with racism, suicide and torture. With the Henson Co. Have a favorite character?