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Having lots of friends and socialising makes intelligent people miserable

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The election would eventually give President Karzai a parliament deeply divided between genuine reformers and those who sought to legitimise power gained by drugs and guns — in short, warlords. I spoke at length to the local police about the problems in Jalalabad. The police spokesman for Jalalabad, Brigadier Abdul Ghafour, was unequivocal about the source of the problem. Unfortunately they are sent over on a mission of destruction and due to the short distance they cross back quickly. This, he said, was a common occurrence, as was the arrest of Pakistani agents in Jalalabad who were eventually handed back to the Pakistani authorities who, he believed, actually coordinated them.

When I drove the hour or so na Jalalabad to the main Afghanistan-Pakistan border crossing at Torkham, Jalalzbad could see why it was a perfect transit point for weapons, drugs and militants. There was no police or military presence on the road. My translator pointed out the old smashed stone forts the Soviets had built on top of the mountain peaks overlooking the road. Knowing this was the major supply route for the mujahedeen they were fighting, the Soviets manned these isolated hilltop forts and supplied them by air. But the mujahedeen pounded the Russians with rockets and artillery until they pulled out.

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Destroyed Soviet armoured cars and tanks littered the roadside. At the ramshackle border town of Torkham, only a few buildings lined the main street, which was crammed with vehicles and people of all ages carrying huge loads lashed in cloth bundles, or pushing carts full of goods. Men with donkey carts piled high and young children hauling luggage streamed both ways through a crush of vehicles and trucks. The road was lined with rusted and dented shipping containers with their doors open, selling everything from cooking utensils to televisions.

Aside from a police station surrounded with blast walls and barbed wire, there seemed to be no more than a few Afghan soldiers and police at the border. As I was filming at the border post, a man began yelling at me in English. He had lived most of his life in England, he said, before coming back to Pakistan. He was dressed in a shabby, filthy salwar kameez the knee-length shirt and cotton pants traditional for Afghan and Pakistani men and said he could not cross as he had lost his passport. If I could give him some money for the guards, he said, he would be able to enter Afghanistan. I told him he was already in Afghanistan and my translator started motioning me to move away.

He explained to me later the man was cursing me in Pashto and that it had been time to leave. Ironically, on the same day I was filming, General Pervez Musharraf announced that, in response to calls to halt the continuing traffic of Taliban and other militants, he would build a fence along the entire border. It was an absurd idea, nothing more than a gesture to his American backers, since a fence would have taken years to construct in the mountainous terrain. In other words, humans used to live in communities of about people, so when we're in environments where the population exceeds that number, we're not as comfortable or happy.

Likewise, in those groups of hunters and gatherers, frequent contact with friends was crucial to our survival. So today, when we feel too isolated, we feel less happy. Don't continental estranged those two-for-one tongues?. So you'll also find Jalalabad west profiles of men and women who are physically challenged. Unique Loveawake technology finds your most Seekig matches. InterracialDatingCentral members always have the freedom of choice in deciding who they'd like to interact with, meaning your dating experience will be comfortable and stress-free. Sign up for a free InterracialDatingCentral account and you can browse our global database immediately.

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