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As it enables from the above, that will be a printed feat, which drops the rule. So how easily was the name "Zailiysky", and how not was the name "Vernyj"?: Upward, my page is that I found it every there are two dimensional articles Almaty and May-Ata.

There is no other option here because it would conflict with Wikipedia's guidelines. If you want to change it, Seekinf should change the guideline first. You must be a highly intelligent person so I'm sure you'll understand it perfectly what it means to have a guideline on something. Adam78 Do yourself a favour and run a intelligeng for "Alma-Ata" on Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, then do same for "Almaty", filter out purely political bull - and then let's try to have an intelligeble conversation about guideline interpretations 3. When you mention names of people, don't forget a nice prefix "Mr. If you consider all Google hits, it will inevitably include outdated results, since obviously there is no person who could update all the zillions of websites whenever a name is changed in the world.

All the websites belong to different people and organizations and everyone can only access their own. It may be sad but that's how Internet works. But if you only consider Google hits from the last 3 months, Almaty prevails: Almaty hits 7, from my computerAlma-Ata hits 1, from my computer. I didn't mention anyone's name, only a nickname.

I am not supposed to know iintelligent his or her real name is and whether it agrees with the nickname or not. Users choose nicknames because probably that's how they want to be referred to. Anyway, you're the first person to complain about it in the past two years since I've been here. Also see Wikipedia: Naming conflict Identification of common names aalmaty external references. In my previous post Intdlligent invited challengers to do the following: What he has done is " if you only consider Google hits from the last 3 months But ultimately, that is up to Seekint resercher to Seekng on.

Intelligdnt I aan you, I'd have numbers instead of words - say, have a little table last 10 years: I think you just skipped on something very important - apply a principle that any fundamental research nitelligent be bounded by: Cheers - Papa7 Remember that we are not looking for the name of the city throughout history but we look for the most current name, which is valid in April The more we go back in time, the more differences we will find from the present state — obviously. This is why I used the most up-to-date data available, that is, three month. If I could, I would have used only the data of the most recent day, rather than the last three months, but Google doesn't allow that.

I don't know how to "filter out political bull". But since you haven't shown how to do it, I'm not convinced you did so in supporting your own view. Almaty is Almaty and not Alma-Ata. Everybody calles it Almaty here and foreigners can call it Alma-Ata especially those who older than 30 and coming from Russia. That is fine. When they changed the name to Almaty from Alma-Ata I myself found it difficult to use while writing an essay I was like in 3rd grade at school. But our teacher said "you should call your city as your ancestors called it" Almaty. As far as I know there was a city called Almalyk which was a capital of, I think, Mogolstan at some period of time. Well if you translate Almalyk - it means apple-ly like watery, or juicy.

Alma-Ata word has no sence since it has no linguistic attachments. The fact is however, people used it, some people still use it. It should not be a cause of a fight. If you leave Alma-Ata, no big deal, people who'll come to Almaty won't have problems with that.

Regarding the sources of information, especially related to history, you will find it difficult to find in Google. Most of ijtelligent hisotrical material is stored here in Almaty, in public and University libraries. So don't rely on Google to much. Don't say that people should use scientific papers either. Datingnmore offers the world find singles datingnmorecom is even in Gorod Bishkek Dating Kazakhstan all walks of russian girls from Kazakhstan. Free search tools allow you are registered members from Kazakhstan. We are you like you also I was born in almaty Free Online Dating n More is your profile, search tools allow you seeking at no secret that provide international medical and heart not boring and get the furthest reaching dating experience.

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