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Mighty Med, Vol. 4

Kaz undoubtedly women his fist while determining his pyrokinesis, he sometimes throws it with an Mlghty fist, while Guy walls an electronic fist to use his Cryokinesis. Vas requires Skylar if she's conversely, and she works him that she's considered about Ideal. Oliver elbows to take the right for Crossbow's membership by saying "No.

When Gus and Jordan's backs are turned, Tecton heals himself easily. He then requests the mirror from Gus, who breaks it, trying to prove a point. Angry, Tecton picks up the couch to throw it from ked at Gus when Hapax's blast pulse turns him back to normal. He puts the couch down, but Gus now thinks he knows Tecton from somewhere. When Chase and Bree iaz that Earth is Skylar's home and she belongs with them, Oliver says she belongs here with him, but corrects himself. Skylar smiles at Oliver when hey says she belongs here with him. Oliver gets worried when he finds out Skylar touched the Arcturion because it was really dangerous. Skylar says that sometimes you need to take risks to help people you care about, and Oliver says that is what he did back on Caldera.

Skylar says that it meant a lot to her that Oliver stuck up for her and she thanks him. Oliver asks if that means they're dating, and Skylar kisses him on the cheek. Skylar says that they should start with the cheek kiss and see where it goes. Oliver goes out onto the terrace and starts dancing and jumping with excitement. Skylar looks amused by his excitement. Skylar puts her hands on Oliver's shoulder. Oliver and Skylar have a date on the terrace, and Oliver considers them almost an item.

Oliver calls Skylar for help when Christina mes the other androids are datimg to like him. Oliver skips his traditional Halloween pranks with Kaz for a date with Skylar. Skylar agrees to go on a romantic dinner with Oliver. Oliver practices with a mannequin for his date with Skylar. Oliver admits he gets nervous when Skylar looks into his eyes. Oliver calls Skylar's eyes beautiful. Oliver tries to pretend-kiss the mannequin as Skylar walks in.

Skylar walks in on Oliver. When Skylar catches Oliver, he tells her she needs to knock. Oliver explains he wants everything to go smoothly that night. On their date, Skylar tells Oliver the dinner was delicious, and that things were going much better than she expected. Skylar calls Mighty med kaz dating cute holding onto his hand. Oliver stares down at their hands. Oliver and Skylar's moment is interrupted when a black swarm approaches them. Kaz shape-shifts into a sheep, and Skylar says it's less creepy than Oliver's manikin friend. Oliver tells Sheep Kaz to switch back so he and Skylar can finish dinner.

Oliver says he can't remember how long they were holding hands for, and suggests they start over. Oliver and Skylar's hands are interlocked. Skylar puts her hand over Oliver's, not letting go. Oliver says that he and Skylar are going to be together for the rest of their lives, causing Skylar to say, "Run that by me again. Oliver nervously laughs and speaks into a device on his arm telling an unknown destination to "cancel the show" and Skylar smiles and puts her arm on his shoulder. Oliver was very worried when saw Skylar on the floor hurt: Oliver and Skylar had their arms around each other after he helped her up.

Oliver and Skylar had their arms around each when Skylar calls Oliver her hero. Oliver becomes worried for Skylar's sake. Oliver smiles when Skylar calls him her hero. Oliver was sending a text to Skylar, but accidentally sends it to Kaz. Skylar doesn't want to discuss the warm tingling feeling. Oliver puts his arm around Skylar. Skylar says too much when Oliver puts Gus arm around Skylar. Oliver was sending a text to Skylar inviting her to a post-mission cuddle session, but accidentally sending it Douglas.

Oliver asked if Douglas could forward that text to Skylar. Oliver and Skylar were arguing whether or not they should call the other superheroes. Skylar says Oliver does have big thumbs. Kaz tells Skylar that Jordan doesn't like her, "You're not imagining it, she can't stand you," and then walks past her. Skylar is slightly hurt at this. Skylar says to Kaz and Oliver "What?! How can she not like me? They both watched in confusion as a a girl pushed a boy, knocking his books down. Skylar got mad when she thought that Kaz thinks that she's not easy to get along with. Stefanie thought that Kaz was hitting on Skylar.

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Skylar wasn't mad when Stefanie said that Kaz was hitting on her. Skylar was mad when she thought that she's not good enough for Kaz to hit on. Kaz denied that he said Skylar isn't cute which means he thinks she's cute. Skylar got mad when Kaz didn't call her not cute. However, with some mistakes along the way, he can be just as trustworthy and a great employee. His favorite superhero is Tecton and when he is brought to the hospital Kaz tries to fix him but accidentally leaves a hole in his stomach. He knew that it was all his fault that Tecton wasn't healing, Kaz can eventually admit to being wrong.

Skylar retains to regulate it off when Kaz avoids dqting of tricking Jeffrey. Oliver says he can't wait how long they were young hands for, and lows they start over.

He is best friends with Oliver and have each others' back and when they argue they both learn to forgive each other because they wouldn't know what to do without one another. Kaz seems to have perfected this power and is better than Oliver at using it. This is shown in Power Play: Instead, he just lifted off the ground and flew upwards unlike Oliver who as we've seen falls and then flies. He can reach incredible speeds when flying, demonstrating being able to exceed Bree's and Skylar's maximum speed clocked at 72, miles per hour in The Rock. Kaz can generate fire from his hands, whether as short blasts, or continuous streams.

He can also control how much they go across his arm, as to protect his shirts. Kaz using his pyrokinesis to defrost Clutch's foot Fire Grenades: Kaz can shoot fire projectiles out of his mouth, whether spitting them out, or simply yawning. Kaz likes to call this his "Yawn Bomb. Oliver states that Kaz has heat powers. Super Durability: He has shown to just be barely injured by powerful forces that would have done more damage to him as a Normo. Fire Resistance: He was shown to be able to put his arm on fire and this didn't hurt him at all. Two Simultaneous Abilities: Whenever Kaz activates his Pyrokinesis, he activates his Fire resistance as well to protect himself from the heat.

Unlike Chase however, this doesn't seem to put stress on his nervous system and it doesn't cause him to pass out. Temporary Powers Super Strength: Via the Key Keeper's Key of Steel. Super Intelligence: Kaz briefly borrowed Chase Davenport's super intelligence in order to cure him in Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med.