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The earliest foundations for the notion that rape is widespread on campus — indeed, according to statistics provided by activists, women are in more danger at Harvard than inner-city Detroit or Syria, for that matter — came from feminist scholars in the s. As the barriers between men and women on campus came tumbling down and students were free to get inebriated and engage in casual sex, the number of regrettable encounters began to rise. Activists were not just interested in taking back the night from strangers who attacked women walking across campus. They wanted to give women the upper hand at all times.

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He wrote in English, not uncommon among the technically savvy. I told him I was a reporter. I demurred, explaining I was married. Not a problem. His business card gave his English name as Wanderlust. Growing up, he and his family knew all their neighbors, but all that has changed.

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Lavinthal, an editor at Cosmopolitan, even as she conceded that the title of her book had racy overtones. It might come as a surprise that anyone under the age of 29 would need a definition for a term that has grown as ubiquitous in youth culture as customized ring tones. Still, the back cover of "The Hook-up Handbook" makes a stab at it: Lavinthal and Ms. Rozler explain it, a hookup has less to do with what happens between people than with the surrounding circumstances: Lavinthal said. The few men who spoke up seemed to find the elastic nature of the term somewhat tiresome.

While men are obviously central to the "The Hookup Handbook" ethos do you want to hook up with a Metroman or a Himbo tonight? Take a lesson from those masters of casual sex: But you can appear more uninhibited, mysterious, and spontaneous than usual. You have permission to adopt somewhat of a character, a romanticized or heightened or self-actualized version of yourself. Casual sex requires a delicate balance: Find your perfect combination: Imagine a food pyramid, only for casual relationships.

The base reserved for grains should be occupied by sex. Have the most sex. Host a full-on sleepover followed by brunch the next day, a day in the park and then—why not? Handle non-sex, especially arrivals and departures, with self-awareness and courtesy. One-night stands, vacation sex, and whatever happened with your masseuse that one time can be anonymous, disorganized, and fleeting.