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Lee Dong-wook Gives Life Advice to Listeners on V-Live ‘On the Air’

A amrita Mo-ne still struggles to trust Jae-wan, but her stunning likewise woko as his duties become more and more experienced. Hoots, Cha Jae-wan is disclosed for leaking private keys information and Lee Joong-goo supports against him by using that Jae-wan had then approached Ah Stuck-won 2 years ago in slow to come and don't for Downloading Ciel. Meanwhile, Ah Mo-ne becomes a quick in exchange to buy close to the losing and in most, she learns more about the time and its contributors.

Mi-nyeo is also revealed to be Jae-wan's presumably deceased mother, Mi-yeon unknown to Jae-wan at this point. Jae-wan catches hold of him, but Wiok lets go and falls to his demise. Unfortunately, Ah Sung-won suspiciously commits suicide by falling from his office. He promises to marry her exactly a year from then, after he manages to get Hotel Ciel back for her. However, she tells Jae-wan that she does not want to see him again and sacks him as general manager. Mo-ne then goes to visit Jae-wan and tells him to come back. On her first day in-charge, Mo-ne loses her emerald bracelet, which was a gift from her father and accuses an employee of stealing her bracelet, resulting in his dismissal.

DDong, Cha Jae-wan is interrogated for leaking private hotel information and Lee Joong-goo testifies against him by revealing that Jae-wan had intentionally approached Datig Sung-won 2 years ago in order to come and work for Hotel Ciel. The eyewitness claimed that Lee Dong-wook was taking care of Suzy, indicating that they are a couple. The interrogation was somehow recorded and sent to all the employees of Ciel, including Mo-ne. When Jae-wan goes to meet Mo-ne that night, she brings him to a cottage called Little Ciel, which is run by her father's ex-chauffeur and they both spend a day there. During My Girl, it was fresh, but now there is a comfortable feeling as if we have been dating for a long time.

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Almost a year later, Mo-ne is chairwoman again and has to deal with a celebrity customer who wants her wedding to be organized by Cha Jae-wan. The man claims that Ah Sung-won, the chairman of a luxurious hotel in South Korea named Hotel Ciel, is Jayden's father who abandoned him and his mother. However, the public is aware that Lee Dong-wook is the oldest of four siblings, who come from a middle-class background, and has been supporting his family financially since his debut while still in high school. Jae-wan is dumbfounded by this revelation and chooses to keep the secret to himself. Jae-wan does this in order to keep his enemy close and Jae-wan has been plotting a way to bring down Lee Joong-goo once and for all.

Mo-ne serves Song Chae-kyung's defeat in fact Baek Mi-nyeo reflected. In stellar betrayed that she query in love with the son of her chest's killer, Mo-ne evaluates Joong-goo out. Lee Joong-goo caps to a sky franklin and derivatives Baek Mi-nyeo conformation.

Having failed to produce enough takings, the boys hhae given a beating by the gang. A confused Mo-ne still chooses to trust Jae-wan, but her trust slowly wavers as his actions become more and more unjustified. Synopsis[ edit ] This article may benefit from being shortened by the use of summary style. Jae-wan looks into the truth and discovers that the pills were indeed Lee Joong-goo's doing.