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How to make a cuddly toy

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Garish 70s-style prints you probably wouldn't dream of wearing work surprisingly well in soft toys: I found some old fake fur material for the black bits and some white knitted wool for the tummy and head in the Here Today, Here Tomorrow scrap basket.

Cut out the basic shapes as shown in the pattern below. First, make the legs. Oops, sorry, paws. Turn the fabric on to the wrong side, and sew the legs up along two sides and one end, forming a 'tube' shape.

Classes in Soft bangalore making dating toy

Again, this should be inside out when you sew so the seams are tog the inside. Do the same with the other leg paw and the two arm paws, all leaving one short side open to stuff. Sew along the sides of the head and body again, inside out leaving the opposite side to the 'cut on fold' side shown in the template open for stuffing. I found a pencil helpful for turning the smaller bits.

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Stuff the pieces using wadding. I think Bsngalore understuffed my poor panda a bit, so be fairly generous as stuffing does tend to get squashed and lose its fluffiness, particularly when handled by enthusiastic little hands. How Bangaloreans can survive in Delhi winter Sign In. New Delhi.

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