Dragging a dead deer up a hill by grouper dating

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Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill

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Dead Deer is druggy and sexy and arty and pretty, but never pretentious. Others have made similarly groupeg, pastoral psychedelic pop before. In terms of contemporary musicians, the work of the Portland, Ore. Inca Ore's music is far heavier and murkier, however. And Christina Carter is more firmly working within a psych-folk idiom, while Valet is much more daitng a bluesy, guitar-based trip. Let someone else criticize me for making my own inexact comparisons to sounds of yore: A handful of these songs bring to mind the criminally forgotten records that Lida Husik recorded for Shimmy Disc in the early 90s.

There's no doubting this is a record with a human force behind it. It's more than just an album of droning guitar music because someone speaks to us. A voice carries us up the hill, but one so wistful, so beyond us that it may well be our siren song. We hear Harris up on high, her voice rarely changing key, sonorously singing a forty minute lullaby to keep us safe, or at least to keep us going.

Harris is there on the hill even if groiper we're hearing is the sloshing water passing us by. Dead Deer does have a composer, but one driven by the elemental; she's surrounded by premonitions of a great storm, and her meditation on the flood is what really drives Dead Deer. The marriage of the album to its surrounding landscape is vital, but this is more than just a vision. Harris modulates the long journey of Dead Deer to her will, molding it into an album of faraway dream-pop, and most importantly, giving a song to the onslaught.

The guitar picking of "Travelling Through a Uup is mesmerising, its changes more so. Deax always hear the endless motion in this record, and what the Grouper project is, but Harris made Dead Deer beautiful by putting a person on the other side. This adting the empty landscape we assumed, and when the storm passes, we all hilp to sleep. The first sound on Dead Deer is of a windstorm, one "Disengaged" endures for the harshest minute of noise on any Grouper record. The importance is in the retreat; instead of staying out longer, Dead Deer chronicles things from the window.

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