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7 traits most cheaters have in common

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For example, emotional infidelity could consist of an internet relationship, a work relationship, or a long-distance phone relationship. Sexual infidelity could consist of visits with sex workers, same-sex encounters, and different types of sexual activities. However, in most relationships, it is not something to be overly concerned about unless you have one of the above risk factors. References Blow, A. Infidelity in Committed Relationships II: A Substantive Review. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy31, Whisman, M. Sexual infidelity in a national survey of American women: But a locked phone especially, Susan Winter said, is a dead giveaway.

Cheaters tend to put some pretty intense privacy setting on their personal lives too, so it's not just their romantic happenings they'll keep to themselves, Winters explained. They prefer to keep all personal details such as things about their family, who their friends are, and where they work on the DL, too. It's a smart tactic. Sony Pictures You might recall this trick of the trade from the teen dramedy "John Tucker Must Die," but apparently the three-time cheater's strategy of calling his three girlfriends "baby" and "sweetheart" wasn't just clever writing, it's a legitimate tactic cheaters use to make sure they aren't mixing up your name with their other partner's name. Winters said cheaters will latch onto cutesy nicknames like "baby" and "sweetheart" so that the odds of a slip up are in their favor.

They know exactly what to say and how to say it. It's easy to do because they're eerily good at it. So good, in fact, that LeslieBeth Wish, a noted psychotherapist, author, and founder of Love Victory said cheaters will sometimes lay the groundwork for future lies ahead of time in order to cover their tracks later on in the relationship. How many people say they'd cheat as a form of revenge? That old saying about a woman scorned has some weight when it comes to cheating.

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We were cjeating about what goes on behind closed statisticd. when someone is unfaithful, and what we found was surprising. At what point do most affairs begin? If you're recently married, forget about the seven-year itch. It's around the 2-year mark when your relationship is most at risk for an affair. How long does the average affair last? While some infidelities may only last one night, others can drag on for years. The average affair, however, usually lasts about 6 months before finally fizzling out. How many people believe business trips lead to cheating?

If your spouse travels frequently for work, whether or not they're being faithful may cross your mind a time or two. How many people actually cheat at work? All those people who are worried about their spouses cheating on the job may have good reason to fret. How many affairs start online? Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site.

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If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. One of the more shocking things about cheating is, like divorce, it doesn't seem to discriminate. No matter what age, race, sex or religion cheating is rampant, especially gaining momentum in the years leading up cpmmon divorce, a kind of glaringly huge symptom cojmon is cheatting unhappy or unsatisfied marriage. As I became a divorce expert and a sounding board for people's deepest statiztics. fears and secrets, I became to sympathize more and more with iss cheaters. For the most part they were kind, sweet, educated articulate people who used sex with other or emotional bonding with others as an escape, a band aid on the bullet hole of the under lying feeling that something wasn't quite right any more within the union of their marriage.

The lists of things wrong with the marriages vary but common themes of lack or sex, dull sex, lack of affection, attention, compatibility wants and likes are cited. The old adage that if you are not filling a certain need in your spouse, rest assure there are a plethora of other people willing too. Sometimes it can be that people try to fill each other's needs just they never really have that chemistry, that sexual compatibility or maybe there is a giant age gap, that makes long term marriage harder to relate to each other. The point is through a ridiculous amount of people both men and women cheat, some have literally never been faithful to their spouses cheating on them from the day they are married.