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The Fanny Pack Has Returned. Now Cheer. Or Cringe

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Medieval painting by the Limbourg brothers showing a lord wearing a belt bag with weapon. The brass elephant on the fanny pack compliments Indian colors and connects with roots of the country which is famous for its diverse and secular cultures. We all have a sweet spot for the kind hearted intelligent and wise creature of god- elephants. The bags at Swarang are handcrafted to delicacy and makes up for the most beautiful and aesthetic appeal to every audience. One origin was the Native American buffalo pouch which was used instead of sewing pockets into clothing. The use of this bag has been witnessed in various cultures and civilizations all round the history.

The Scottish sporran is a similar belted pouch that survived because of the impracticality of pockets datingg a kilt. The modern version Fanjy from synthetic materials came into use in the s and they were especially in vogue in the s, but are now often considered old-fashioned. From Celebrities, Global runways to Street Fashion, you will see everyone going gaga over this style. The European medieval belt-pouch is another antecedent which was superseded as clothing came to have pockets.

Pack dating Fanny

The likes of Balenciaga, Zimmerman, Marc Jacobs are showcasing the trendy bags all over the runway. Fashion giants like Zimmerman, Gucci, Prada are all in row and love with the once travel bag turned into a fine accessory. But what are these new age fashion accessory all about? While buying Bags at Swarang you are not only helping in promoting a rich heritage but also helping in promoting the traditional historical crafts of the nation- with a hint of the modernity. The artisans working with Swarang are spread across the various villages in the nation, the main idea is to get the craftsmanship of these beautiful artisan to focus in the wider angle.

A woman wearing a fanny pack.