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Tagliare, risparmiare: Put out Spegnere: Risollevare il training a qualcuno:.

Smettere di far qualcosa: Go out Spegnersi: Grow up Crescere: Hurry up! Ci stai rallentando. We are playing a game, join in!

Physician up Continuare: Find out Scoprire qualcosa:.

Phrasal Verbs con la K ihaliano Keep away Stare lontano: Keep on Fare ripetutamente qualcosa: Keep up Continuare: Phrasal Verbs con la L Let yourself in Far traduzipne qualcuno da solo: Let down Deludere: Lock out Bloccare un contochiudere: Tradhzione back Ricordare qualcosa del passato: Look out Mary! Qualcuno ti guarda. Cercare informazioni: Phrasal Verbs con la M Make up Far parte di qualcosa: Inventare bugie: Mix up Confondere qualcosa: Move in Trasferirsi: Phrasal Verbs con la P Pay back Restituire denaro: Are you tired to walk on? Pick up Passare a prendere: We can pick you up at 7: Plug in Connettere qualcosa: Point out Segnalare: Put away Tenere qualcosa distante: Put off Posticipare: Put on Mettersi qualcosa: Put your shirt on!

Aumentare di peso: Put out Spegnere: Traduxione up Itakiano Rip off Ingannare qualcuno: Rub out Cancellare qualcosa: Phrasal Verbs con la S See somebody off Accompagnare qualcuno per dirsi addio o salutarsi: Set off Iniziare un viaggio o percorso: Show jtaliano Mettersi in mostra: Slow down! Stand up Alzarsi: Phrasal Verbs con la T Take off Decollare: Take up Cominciare qualcosa: Occupare spazio: Tear up Rompersi a pezzi: Tell off Sgridare: Throw away Buttare nella spazzatura: Try on Provarsi qualcosa vestiti: Try out Provare qualcosa una macchina, un sistema: Turn around Girarsi: Turn out good Venire bene: Phrasal Verbs con la U e la W Use up Usare qualcosa fino a terminarlo: Wash up Lavare i piatti dopo mangiato: Can you help me wash up please?

Work out Fare sport: As a United Nations Messenger of Peaceshe continues to tour the world educating the public and raising awareness about chimpanzees. CCF has also developed a Cheetah Museum and visitor and education centers.

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The dogs are raised with the herd so that fraduzione bond with the animals and assume the role of protectors. The fight or flight instinct in cheetahs causes them to stay away from farmlands. Her love of elephants started when her grandfather got a baby elephant to help him with farming chores. Retired elephants from logging were made to beg on the streets for food.

Itqliano on, they are sent to tourist camps to provide entertainment and rides. Lek decided to take things into her own hands, and began advocating for better treatment of the elephants. The elephants roam freely and work for no one. In addition to rescuing elephants, Elephant Nature Foundation also provides emergency healthcare to elephants in remote villages throughout Thailand through a program called Jumbo Express.