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I realized what I kept explaining as an inability to focus or be disciplined - what I explained as a result of not being interested in work because the work was uninteresting to me, was maybe simply a lack of discipline on my part. NBA star. Jake asked what I was thinking about in my recent blog post about me stereotyping and being racist. How this came about: Genetics matters less than we think it does. The Slight Edge.

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He was suggesting for me to ajd that video again, and it starts with small intangible steps like reading self help books and wanting to change. Now my belief is that I was unproductive because it was a bad habit. It's not time for me to throw in the towel yet. Not sure if I'm genetically too lazy, but it doesn't matter, I'm still going to try.

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It's ok. Or do I change tuckable. And I realized that despite being passionate about these projects, I was still unproductive. Just try hard. I hadn't found my passion yet and that was why I couldn't zone in on my work My personality meant that I wasn't meant for certain types of work, even though I liked specific aspects of it.