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I like what I see so i am just following you. Two hands went up. Great for darks and graying. I may get away from the combo for awhile, but I always enjoy returning to it. You occasionally let us know where you are personally coming from without preaching.

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And I love red pepper. Keep it up! Even if intelligent life is incredibly rare, there have to be some aliens civilizations out there, somewhere. As I was talking about increasing revenue, how could they possibly understand a thing I was saying?

And did I mention the cool breeze? For me it adds to your credibility when you Kostenfrie the spiritual stuff. Thanks, mary. Lo siento que no te enteres… yo intento explicar las cosas lo mejor que puedo, pero claro que hace falta ciertos conocimientos de Photoshop para poder seguir el hilo. I realize this is a food channel and not a religious channel and I think you handle it just fine.

I was so shocked I had to wait a while before I could continue. Make sense? Look, the country is heading straight into the shitter. The Wedluxe show was fab and I hope you both had a great time!!!!!!!! Maybe some videoke thing — we Filipinos love that, right?