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Soft And Velvety Clothes. A Beautiful Cloth. Atharva Veda. Stone To Sharpen Knives. Sound Of Ib Trumpet. Silver metal. Calumniating Others. Paternal Relation. New Garment. Burnt Place. Thick Cord The Moon Mind. Palatial Building. Tank any water body. Mounting A Vehicle. Clean Crystal. Family Prosperity. Facing Westward. Mother relations. Middle Age. Bell metal. Facing South.

Good Fruits. Good Dinner. Pilgrimage To Holy Places. Sama Veda. After Born. Capture Of The Enemy. The Directions. Blood Purity and Vitality. Short Stature.

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Bad Dreams. Mental Disposition state of mind. Lance Or Spear. Hemanta Ritu. Worshipping Goddess Gauri. Good Perfume incence. Mixed Satin. Spade Or Hatchet. Vedanta Philosophy. Sharp in Thought in good association such as Jupiter. A Beautiful House. Getting A Job. Fickle Mindedness. Strength at Night. Love for Curd. Ritu Season. Ij or any Other Royal Insignia. Whiteness colour. Nine Gems navaratna. Love For West. Going to a Foreign Country. White Colour. A Tree. Wise Lectures. Coagulation Of Blood Mercury Formal education schooling. Powerful In The Morning. Best Ornaments. Heart feelings. Brahmin by caste. A Weapon. Depth Of A Language.

Silk Garments Mars Prowess. Enlargement of the Spleen spleed creates bile which help in fat metabolism. Ailment of the Shoulders. Worship Of Lord Vishnu. Sattvik Pure. Adept In Archery. Blood red blood cells. Sight Of Blood. Crooked Look. Praying To God Subrahmanya. Typhoid infection of intestine. Green Colour. Deep red colour. Pain while Passing Urine. Loss Of Virility. Epilepsy diseases of mind. State Inspection. Land any immovable property. Commander in chief. Red Chandan Or Saffron. Flesh eater. Fish and Other Water Creatures. Earthen Pots. Village Headman.

Dubar Hall. Virtue Or Vice attributes of mind. Humorous Temperament. Profundity Of Character. Proficient In Telugu Language. Winter Season. Maternal Grandfather. Fame popularity among masses. Sautn Action. A New House. Movement In Heaven. Watery Resort. Government Seal. Day Sitting Mothers. Moving In Villages. Physical Health. Bharat Natyama a form of ni in India. Maternal Uncle. Literary Composition. All Sorts Of Pleasures. Decoration for The Stage. Diamond Saturn Laziness. Automn Season. A Servile Duty. One Without Manliness.

Sacred Prayer. Great grand-father. Performing One's Religious Duties. Vedic Text. Strong at All Times. Sisira Ritu Winter. Happiness Through A Woman. Well Formed Limbs. Long Lasting. A Lord. Variegated Colour. Variegated Lustre. Meemamsa philosophy. Old Garment. Impartial Nature. Eldest Brother. Yellow Colour. One With Disfigured Limbs. Half A Month. Worship Of Lord Shiva. The Quality Of Passion. Reading Other's Mind. Close Friend. Truth Speaking. Religious Duty. Pudendum Virile. Sweet Juice. A Scholar. Much Emaciated. Adept at Writing Poetry. A Biped Human. Happiness From The Wife. One's Duty. Unrighteous Conduct.

God divine blessings. Genital Organs. A House Granting All Comforts. Eight Kinds Of Wealth. Yellow Sapphire. Maid Servant. Haunting Woods. Youthful Vigour. Broken Health. Specialist In Grammar. Black Hair. Handsome Look. Telling Lies. Fond Of Humour. Grand father. Holy Water. Asses And Mules. Helping Others. Lord Indra. Water Sports. Wrath of Priest.

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Fondness For White Garments. Fond Of Northwest Quarter. Large Body. Tendons And Muscles. Proficiency In Learning. Worshipping Goddess Parvati and Lakshmi. Fond Of Amorous Sports. Greatly Respected And Highly Esteemed. Palatial House. Proficiency In Art. An Amulet Jupiter Brahmin. Twice Born Brahmins. Dirty Clothes And. Horny ass in satun Portion Of Life. Golaka abode of lord Krsna. Charming an Audience. A Handsome Youth. Veena a string instrument. Royal Honour. Great Anger. Skin nerves. Lovely Gait. A Beautiful Mansion. Sparing In Meals. Sexual Happiness. Yajur Veda. Being Good. Spring Season. A Muhurata. Revolving The Orders Of Arrest. Cohabitation With Quadrupeds.

The Tamas Guna. Night Breeze. Wicked Woman. A Turk. Theft And. Black Colour. Loss Of Appetite. Paternal Grandfather. Worn Out. Indulging In Sex Pleasure. Enlargement Of Spleen. Going Abroad. Tending Towards Southwest. Staying Outside. An Acute Or Sharp Pain. Downward Look. One Representing The Father. Intriguing With A Wicked Woman. Bathing In The Holy Ganges. Eye Sore. A Vehicle. Worshipper Of Goddess Durga. Hurting By Speech. A Big Forest. A Hunter. Painful Swelling. Fallacious Argument. Decorated Vehicle. Ugly Hair.

Lost in Battle. Cruel-Hearted Rahu Umbrella. All Sorts Of Luxuries. Trouble Form Enemies. Dressing Oneself For Amorous Appeals. Worshipping God Yama. Conferring Of Prosperity. An Irreligious Man. A Blanket. Wicked Mind. Misdirected Strength. Travelling Through Forests and Over Mountains. Serpent World. Reading Of Dreams. Father Or Maternal Grandfather. Long Standing Distress. Knowledge Of Horny ass in satun. Life Saving Drugs. Friendship With The Wicket. External Position. Strong At Twilight. A few notes to add on navamsa rectification: If Saturn is conjunct an inimical planet in these positions it will delay the results.

Observing Silence As A Fast. All Kinds Of Wealth. Facing The Southern Quarter. Great Penance. Facing West. Black Grains. Indifference To The World. A Spear. World Of Serpents. Urdu Script. Wandering In Rugged Places. Goats And The Horny ass in satun. Posted by Sarajit Poddar at Buffalos And The Like. A Year. Association Of Sudra. Great Prowess. Entire Sovereignty. Severe Stomach ache. First house showing natural in-born abilites. Analysis of navamsa w. What do they both show? Navamsa shows the inner self. Venus afflicted in D-9 will have similar results. Parasara used "swamsa" for both lagnamsa and karakamsa. Moon in 7th or trines makes a very horny person. If AK is in the 7th house the person will rise to affluence after marriage.

Moon gives singing and Sun gives rythm and instruments. Also check out the 2nd house in the navamsa rule with Mars and Venus aspects. This helps me in rectification a lot as well. So swamsa here is in Sg or Ta. Planets in 6. AK in the 8th house will cause chronic diseases. It shows attitudes. Ketu in the 5th makes one have good mathematical abilities ease working with numbers and in the 6th the person will dislike numbers and even balancing their check book will be avoided. Venus in the 12th as karaka for marriage in the D-9 will make a person not interested in marriage. So the native leads a miserable and wasteful life from the point of view of soul. If the person is acting against the wishes of the soul.

Swa simply means "self" and may refer to either lagna or atma karaka. Jaimini gives little distinction between Karakamsa and Svamsa. Atmakaraka in svamsa will make a person born into a well to do family. Atmakarka placed in Navamsha is Swamsha Lagna. For example. So swamsa refers the position of either lagna or atmakaraka in navamsa. And then back to an old post. If the planet isn't there but is lording the sign it can have an effect but much more slightly. How to form Swamsa chart? How exactly Karakamsa chart should be casted or made. Royal assignments. This casted chart is known as Karakamsa chart. Of course they cheong. But I doubt those who do, get their info and contacts here. I was once waiting for my turn at an MP with hanky panky.

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