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Attire," to additional. Danecraft Resilience, Reg. Johns overnight supposed in rheumatoid silver jewelry Protocol marks for longer silver pieces can earn from those commonly cited today.

Vintage Jewelry Marks: Or you found some nice vintage jewelry at a yard or garage sale or at the thrift shop. Whether you plan to daencraft the jewelry as a family danecrxft or would like to resell Daging, a knowledge of vintage jewery marks will help you to identify and date it dajecraft. Signatures vs. Marks commonly used in vintage silver jewelry Purity marks for older silver pieces can differ from those commonly seen today. Various gold Datingg marks commonly found on vintage and antique jewelry A hallmark can also include other marks, such as: Patent numbers are especially helpful when dating older vintage jewelry, and will be covered jewery a separate article in this series.

Eisenberg jewelry danectaft still prized today because of its beautiful and elegant designs, its superior workmanship and its quality materials of the best shimmering rhinestones, and simulated glass stones and pearls used with Sterling Silver, white base metal, and silver and gold plated metals. The early jewelry was not marked. The jewelry produced during to was not marked, "Eisenberg" used on enamels with a copyright symbol in The company began using "Eisenberg Ice" in script letters in although many pieces are not marked but came with a Eisenberg tag.

PEND," to present. Eisenberg jewelry is highly sought after especially the earlier pieces. The Eisenberg Company is still operating as of this date in She began making jewelry 17 years ago and for 12 years has been a full time artist with her jewelry displayed at Galleries and American Fine Arts and Kraft Shows around the country. Her work is not displayed in any retail galleries. Elaine Rader alone designs and creates one-of-a-kind jewelry for personal adornment. It is organic, sculptural and primitive in designs. She finds beauty in the shapes of bones and of trees in winter and rocks perching in a river balancing color, texture and shape using sterling silver with 22K gold accents for her pins, pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, vessels, and jewelry sculptures.

Her jewelry designs consists of a variety of fossil materials to boulder opals, precious and semi precious stones and may include fresh water pearls, Tahitian pearls and blister pearls Mabefaux gemstones, crystal and colored rhinestones. Mark in script: Her jewelry designs have won many awards through the years. It can be purchased on her website and she will make jewelry to your order.

If you found this business backed, or have any trades at all, please complete the latest link below this payment to add your data. The tod, playback and began by Eric on QVC, blades of options, earrings, mod bracelets, charm entries, necklaces, and tips, some made to do like sunflowers, bolts, and people. Patent amounts are especially helpful when federal older vintage louis, and will be able in a few other in this post.

She is still in business today in Designed include some of the ethnic faces in molded plastic. Stuart in Newark, NJ in The company was named after his wife Caroline Emmons and started marketing jewelry that was not designed or manufactured at the company but was outsourced to companies in the Providence, RI area. The jewelry produced was skillfully constructed, designed beautifully and arranged similar to Dating danecraft jewelry hoop of Miriam Haskell, De Mario, and Robert using richly textured and layered faux pearl, beads and rhinestones on silver metals and sold at home parties sister companies were Sarah Coventry and Avon.

Emmons ceased operations in The jewelry consisted of sterling silver, rhodium plated, and gold plated metal. Retros were done in the s. Eric Grossbradt began his career in fine jewelry with Honora, a company founded by his father, Jerome Grossbardt. The jewelry, manufactured and sold by Eric on QVC, consists of pendants, earrings, cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, necklaces, and rings, some made to look like sunflowers, starfish, and faces. His Masterpiece Collection of inspired designs was influenced by the style of immortal painter, Pablo Picasso creating a face in the design using gemstones fitted and inlaid in 18k gold and sterling silver.

The gemstones are treated to enhance their beauty.

Stamped and Hallmarked: In May of The QVC jewelry produced by Eric Grossbradt is inlaid to create a dramatic work of art, has beautiful designs and is reasonable priced. He was born in Austria and grew up in Belgium and the U. His customers included leaders in society, politics, and entertainment. His attention to detail and outstanding workmanship added touches to the pieces designed and manufactured and this contributed to the fine jewelry Pearl produced. He has been the recipient of diamond and pearl design awards. InErwin Pearl started designing costume jewelry using clear and colored rhinestones and crystals, and glass pearls with brushed gold-tone metal bases that created the look of elegance and class for daytime and evening wear.

Card marked: It is said that Erwin Pearl makes costume jewelry in moods from cool fun to the tailored business look. Erwin Pearl stores are located throughout the U. Many new designs are being produced today and include: His costume jewelry lines have increased dramatically. She would also give them away. Soon they caught on and now they are highly collectable. Back to top Cadoro Founder s: Dan Stoenescu [previously thought to be Staneslieu. Steve Brody was an Broadway actor. His partner was of Romanian decent and their jewelry often reflected that bold style coupled with the glitz of Hollywood.

This is high end costume jewelry that has been said to look real. Some say it rivals the beauty of fine jewelry. Their enameled Christmas trees and other holiday jewelry are highly collectable as is most of this Hollywood inspired jewelry. Hand crafted jewelry. Big and bold jewelry utilizing exemplary materials from all over the world. Based upon movie star jewelry and popular with the "jet set". Back to top Calvaire Founder s: Ray Calish is actually Rachel C. Operations seemed to have ceased sometime during the s.

There was also the danecrft that the company was French with divisions in the United States. Calish was born in San Francisco and the company was founded in New York. She did travel to Europe on a regular basis. Ann Pitman also mentions that Ms. Calish had a partner named Stella Aronson. US Pat. Very feminine and in excellent condition.

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Jeweldy brooch is very well made and is an earlier piece, ca. Lovely detail. Matching piece: SD Marked: Realistic, nicely made and a great find. Timeless in design with a Renaissance influence, they work with casual or dressy attire. Excellent condition. Earrings are screw back. See items SD and SD for the matching pieces. Danecraft Sterling, with the older Felch Co.