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In jelly to give the land predominant for his decision maker, Suzuki connects with the Tojo Infection through its cast Hakuho Punt, headed by Mine, and the moral Tamashiro Transition. Kurahashi extracted Japanese citizenship and automated the Tokyo Metropolitan Refugee.

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Fumihiko Tachiki Japanese Yakuza 4 dating guide himeka chan Seiwa Clan lieutenant, and one of few survivors of the shooting in He asks for the rights to Kamurocho Hills as compensation, but is refused. Katsuragi is later revealed to be the true culprit in the shooting 25 years before, having conspired with Shibata. Using Taiga Saejima's discarded gun he shot the men, before instructing Sugiuchi to shoot him in the shoulder, so as not to look suspicious. The incident was covered up with help from Sugiuchi and Munakata, who helped to frame Saejima. He kidnaps Yasuko, Saejima's sister, in an attempt to lure Taiga to him.

When he arrives Taiga is also tied up, and when Kazuma Kiryu catches up Kido appears with the billion yen in cases. Kiryu gives him the file containing information about the stolen money and Kido returns Yausko to him. Katsuragi then orders Kido to shoot her, but he turns and shoots Katsuragi in the chest instead. Kiryu frees Saejima, who warns them that Katsuragi is wearing a bulletproof vest, as on the night of the shooting. Katsuragi shoots at Taiga, hitting him in the arm, before shooting once more; this time Yasuko takes the bullet fatally in the back.

Before dying, she takes the gun given to her by Tanimura and shoots Katsuragi in the head, killing him instantly. After causing a disturbance at hostess club Elnard, directed by Katsuragi, and flees when Akiyama arrives. Upon returning to the alley being New Serena, the entrance to his office, Akiyama discovers Arai with Ihara's dead body, which is slumped against the vending machine with a bullet hole in his forehead. Katsuragi later reveals that, on the day he was killed, he was due to be promoted to assistant lieutenant. When Akiyama arrives at the club Ihara flees, and Mishima is forced to fight alone.

After his defeat, he is in a room adjacent to the Seiwa Clan's main office and by chance overhears the phone call announcing Ihara's death. Realising his life is in danger, Mishima goes into hiding. He later phones Tanimura, wanting to tell him about Katsuragi and Sugiuchi's connection. Tanimura meets him in a warehouse near the dock, and as he promises him protection Mishima is shot and killed by Sugiuchi. However, he has difficulty controlling the organization since it has become too big for him to handle. In the final chapter of the game, Jin explains the truth about Ryuji's original family.

He took Ryuji in at the request of his real mother Suyeon, wife of the Jingweon boss, and mother of Kaoru Sayama. In the end, he is shot and killed by Ryo Takashima.

Prior to this he was a friend of Shintaro Kazama, before humeka death, and a member of the Kansai-based Omi Alliance. His assassination in December started a war between the Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance, his last Yakuza 4 dating guide himeka chan being peace between the two organizations. In the final chapter of the game, it is revealed that his real name is Daejin Kim, a survivor of the Jingweon massacre 20 years ago, and that he faked his death in order to start a war between the Tojo and Omi. He did this in order to avenge the murders of the Jingweon members. He also conspired with Ryo Takashima, but is betrayed vating him.

After Takashima shoots Kaoru and Jin Goda, he reveals that he doesn't need Terada anymore and shoots him. Terada tells Takashima that he never really trusted him, and that he'll never let him himrka what he wants. His last words to Kiyru are "Trust me:. He guude activates the guidee, but the bomb's fuse falls from Terada's body, Yakuza 4 dating guide himeka chan that datung had no intention of detonating it. In the epilogue Chzn can be seen praying at his grave, saying, "Thank you for everything. He dislikes this nickname, gude he believes that there should only be one true dragon in Japan; to this end he seeks to defeat Kiryu Kazuma.

Ryuji stages a coup guidde Kiryu is in Osaka attempting to broker a peace deal, sating kidnaps Jin and Daigo, wanting to start a war between the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance. It is later revealed that Ryuji is the son of the Jingweon boss huide his wife Suyeon, and that Kaoru is his half-sister. Due to the massacre cgan the Jingweon 25 years before by the Tojo Clan, Ryuji wants guid destroy the town and the Guidr. To do this he works with the Gkide, though guidw states he hmieka doing Yajuza. At the end of chna game, the two fight on the top of Kamurocho Hills.

After his defeat, and the killing of Jin and Terada, he gets up and charges Takashima with a gun. Ryuji is shot multiple times before finally shooting Cjan in the datign. He end he and Kiryu then have a final showdown, explaining to the protesting Sayama buide both he and 44 are going to die anyway either by succumbing to their wounds or the bomb explodingwhich ends with a scene in homage to the "Cross Counter" technique of Ashita no Joe "Tomorrow Joe". He then dies in Kaoru's arms. He was set to succeed the owner, before he returned to Kamurocho during the zombie outbreak. He took over when Yukio Terada had left the organization to become fifth chairman of the Tojo Clan, though he was actually working as Terada's mole in the alliance.

Takashima, however, betrays him, intending to take both the Omi and the Jingweon to spread throughout mainland Asia. However, he is killed by Ryuji Goda before his plans can be realized. He sends men into Kamurocho to destroy the Tojo Clan, but they are all defeated single-handedly by Goro Majima. He then kidnaps Haruka to lure Kiryu to him. After Kiryu defeats him, he is killed by Ryuji Goda who is disgusted that he put a child in danger for a shot at killing Kiryu. He is arrogant and incredibly wealthy, owning a castle in Osaka which can split in two, revealing a second castle made of gold filled with samurai and ninjas.

Also inside are two tigers, which he uses in attempt to kill Kiryu in reference to his given name; the first character, "Tora", means "tiger". Hayashi corner Kiryu and demands Haruka be handed over. Kiryu resists, defeating them. Hayashi and seven men are sent to attack the transformer room that serves Kage's new surveillance point in the Millennium Tower. He is once again defeated by Kazuma Kiryu. He set an ambush for Kazuma Kiryu but it failed and he was defeated. Lau and Kiryu were enemies for twelve years and Lau sought for his revenge. Lau, working for Futoshi Shimano, has Haruka kidnapped. Kazuma confronts Lau and defeats him, but is then caught and blamed for Haruka's abduction.

Though he doesn't appear physically in Yakuza 2, it is revealed that Granny White was his former martial arts master. He kidnaps Rikiya as bait to lure Kazuma out and take revenge for his defeat 4 years ago. He is ultimately killed by Joji Kazama when he shoots Lau in the head. He asks Date to investigate the money-laundering during the missing 10 billion yen case. During the second game, Sudo helps with the investigation of the Jingweon mafia. He pilots a helicopter to evacuate Kiryu and Sayama from the bomb at the end of the game, but due to the lack of time he is forced to retreat from the area.

Sudo only appears at the start of the third game, where he reveals to Date that the people involved in the Jingweon incident were promoted to keep their mouths shut about Kurahashi infiltrating the police force. He reappears twice in the fourth installment. He aids in the cornering of Sugiuchi at the docks but is hesitant to use force to stop him knowing the kind of immunity Sugiuchi possessed. He again flies a helicopter above the Millennium tower after the final battle with Seishiro Munakata, while Date distributes copies of newspapers all over town telling the truth about Munakata. Susumu Terajima A hard-boiled veteran detective known as "Killer Kawara", who is on the trail of a Korean crime gang, which is later revealed to be the secretive Jingweon mafia.

He was present at the massacre of the Jingweon 25 years ago, and saved the boss's wife and son. After taking care of the woman, called Suyeon, he later married and had a child with her. The child is later revealed to be Kaoru Sayama, and this is revealed by Kurahashi, a Jingweon survivor, mere moments before Kawara's death in Kaoru's arms. Shun Sugata Wataru Kurahashi is a year-old chief superintendent. Secretly, he was a Korean named Yeongmin Ji and a survivor of the Jingweon mafia massacre 25 years before by the Tojo Clan. Kurahashi took Japanese citizenship and joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Unbeknownst to him, Kawara was watching him the entire time.

Kurahashi and his men kidnapped Makoto Date to set a trap for Kiryu. Kurahashi reveals to Kaoru Sayama that Kawara is her father after shooting him. Kazuma and Kurahashi fight and Kurahashi is defeated, but manages to pick up a gun. He tries to shoot Kaoru, but Kawara uses his body to shield her and takes the bullet before shooting Kurahashi and killing him. Kenichi Endou A detective of the criminal investigation division, and a year veteran who appears in the fourth game. He has a hate for yakuza. He submitted a false report to Munakata, then the director of the criminal investigations department, implicating the wrong man as the perpetrator.

Dating guide himeka chan 4 Yakuza

During the events of the game, after being cornered by Sudo datig subsequently defeated by Tanmiura following a speedboat himwka, he admits that it was he who killed Tanimura's father. He also reveals that, contrary to Tanimura's belief, his father had been a member of Yakjza Ueno family with Katsuragi, and humeka a police officer. He is then shot by an gguide man homeka dies in Tanimura's arms. Hideyuki Tanaka A member of the community safety division in the fourth game, who is kind towards Tanimura. He was sent by Munakata to "dipose of" Sugiuchi and Tanimura, but jimeka Tanimura.

After writing a false report to Munakata, lying about having killed both men, and holding Yakyza adoptive family hostage at their restaurant, he commits suicide. He and Sugiuchi covered up the true perpetrator of Yakua case 25 years before, Katsuragi, in which 18 yakuza guode killed, letting Taiga Saejima take the blame. He was involved in the missing 10 billion yen incident five years before, and had many secret funds which he used to build illegal prisons himek control criminals. Using his influence he sends Arai undercover as a member of the Tojo Clan. Yqkuza an attempt to get the billion yen from Kiryu he orders Arai to take the children at Sunshine Orphanage hostage. Rejecting him, Arai shoots Munakata, though the bullet is only plastic.

He guude appears with the three other men Arai, Kido and Daigo on top of the Millennium Tower to claim the money. Tanimura takes him on cjan the final battle and, after his himekz and Date outing the truth about Munakata, he commits suicide with Arai's discarded gun. Sayama's work within Division 4 earned her the Ya,uza "the Yakuza Eater". She originally studied programming at college dqting a way gujde getting into the police force as part of their hi-tech crimes divisionbut requested a Yqkuza as soon as she guive established and rose through the ranks quickly, promoted to division lieutenant after only four years in the police. She is hiemka ordered to take Kiryu into protective custody, during which she can follow the Tojo Clan's activities.

During this time Yakhza begins to fall for Kiryu. She believes she may be a Jingweon survivor, but eventually himeeka she is really the child of the Jingweon boss's wife and Jiro Kawara, also making her Ryuji's half-sister. At the start of the third game, Kaoru Sayama meets Kiryu at the graveyard and tells him that she's leaving Japan to receive training in the United States. While she plays no further role in the game, completing special tasks will prompt a text message from Sayama to come through on Kiryu's phone. Before being transferred to Osaka he was a member of the Tokyo police, and 26 years prior had investigated the Jingweon massacre.

Tetsuya Watari 60 years old. He received persecution because his brother Shintaro was a known yakuza of the Tojo Clan, so Joji had to resign and he eventually joined the CIA, and became a close friend of Tamiya. Due to his near identical looks to those of his dead brother, and Shintaro never having told people of Joji, he is initially presumed to be Shintaro after shooting Daigo and Nakahara. He shoots and kills both Lau Ka Long and Tamashiro. Charles Glover 51 years old. Andre Richardson, a. He dies when Mine jumps off the roof of the hospital holding on to him, after being shot.

He is Haruka's father. He and Yumi met after she lost her memory, following the murder of Sohei Dojima, and the two conceived Haruka. Jingu left Yumi and Haruka when he received a marriage proposal from the Prime Minister's daughter, desperate for power and riches. He ordered the death of a reporter who was threatening to reveal the truth about Yumi and Haruka. Before the assassin could kill them, Shintaro Kazama arrived and shot the assassin. As a result of this incident, Yumi regained her memory.

He then shoots Haruka, but Kiryu takes the bullet, shocked that Haruka's own father would shoot her. Jingu explains that Yumi and Haruka are nothing more than a problem for him. Jingu laughs and, as the Omi soldiers grab Terada, reveals the Omi Family work for him. Makoto Date appears in a helicopter and orders Jingu's arrest. Jingu's men shot Date's helicopter and order every witnesses to be killed. After Kiryu defeats Jingu, Yumi revealed the safe containing the money. Jingu shot Kiryu twice, but Yumi takes the second and fatal bullet. Nishikiyama then chargs Jingu with a knife and stabs him, before setting off the bomb.

Democratic Party of Japan Voiced by: Tamiya launches a plan to expand an airbase in Okinawa for the purpose of testing a new Ballistic Missile Defense system. Minister Suzuki opposes this plan, submitting a resort proposal instead. The B. Concerned about the threat to his Private Secretarynow the CIA is after him for disclosing the plot, Tamiya sends Kiryu back to Ryukyu to save the lives of both Toma and his long-time friend, Joji Kazama. In order to force the land purchase for his resort plan, Suzuki connects with the Tojo Clan through its affiliated Hakuho Clan, headed by Mine, and the local Tamashiro Family.

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