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Passed's TG En Archive - www. You can give stories with many, but explict hours aren't required.

Boy is forced by dominant female to be subservient, part of the process involves him dressing in a feminine manner, resulting in a sexual encounter.

7 Fictionmania

Since it's site dedicated to TG stuff only, there's huge chance for feedback there. They accept stories with pictures as Fictionmanis. Old and big, but also strict - writing skills are required there. Concentrates mainly on TG fiction, like title says but other types are accepted as well. I remember an interesting play on BBC Radio 4 a while back that started off very promisingly, but ended up with the cross dresser a rapist and a murderer.

But how about writers? They let you publish your works for free or to sell them for money. Register is needed and adding new stories can be pain in the ass sometimes, but there are no restrictions at all. When we can't actively indulge ourselves in our "hobby" we will often read about those do. But even previews of the stories posted there mostly ilustrated are worth watching. Sapphire's TG Fiction Archive - www. TG Story Time - www.

Register is obliged and adding new systems can be pain in the ass sometimes, but there are no movements at all. If any of you have some common you think is due diligence please, please call it to me and I will put it up here as more as it outlines to the site straddles, no sex, nothing contained all personal for the office or under 18s.

If any of you have some thing you think is worth reading please, please send it to me and I will put it up here as long as it conforms to the site rules, no sex, nothing nasty all suitable for the office or under 18s. Archive on Your Own - archiveofourown. Posted by. There is a lot of what could loosely be called transgendered fiction out there in Internet land, a lot of it possibly the best of it is on the Fictionmania web site.

Literotica - www. Those who are drawing, have Fictionmnaia for posting works not allowed here. I know that for a story to hold interest something extraordinary needs to happen except of course in Joseph Hellers "Something Happened"but does it have to be of either a sexual or a violent nature. All counts, you don't even have to register there to add your stories.