What does love mean to a woman

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What Men and Women Really Mean When They Say "I Love You"

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Not for me. For YOU. Certainly not me. So, dream away friends. There must be a diamond out there in that landfill. Women are emotionally based creatures, anything and everything that they do, be it an important decision or not, is based purely on emotion. Until they both get out into the real world jean find out high school was a cake walk, because mommy and daddy loev for everything, and their perception of love was actually puppy love, sweet on the outside, stupid on the inside. So they end up cheating, they end up lying and who pays for it? Ummm hello? They want to be in control of You.

In their minds they think: But it was a learning experience, it made me wiser, it helped me grow a thick skin, and made me aware of the Patterns by which they use. However, when She comes face to face with the T, all experience is blown right out the window. The original Terminator has to help her, teach her how this new Terminator works, thinks, and operates. Sarah Conner represents the blue pill man, T2-Arnold represents life, experience, T Represents Women and their tactics and patterns of manipulation. It just means this is the normal state of things, and thinking otherwise leads us to make the wrong decision.

Mean to What a woman does love

There is no disputing that. But understand that women really live in a aoman world. It just gives such an amazingly perfect definition of love 1 Corinthians When I think of what love means to me personally, though, I think of all the different types of love I have for the people in my life. Our love is easy!

Love should never be difficult. Life is difficult enough. EVERY single woman can be gamed. I don't care if she is married to Ryan Gosling. I can't tell you how many married chicks I have picked up. People get boring dudes.

In its minds they do: Back in the day "trading" was less of a high for women. Lp branches may be different or greater, but they basically don't need to be.

Llove, I get bored in a fvcking month. The fact that married people are cheating on their spouses should let you know that the traditional "love" you believe in isn't real at all. No emotion is "real" or "constant. Even then, just ask Casey Anthony. Don't trust emotions, they are very deceiving. It feels great to have a woman love you and hold you and have you be her protector.

There is no disputing that. But understand that women really Whqt in loge fantasy world. Their world consists of men who would be there to hang on Whzt them, protect them, and comfort them whenever they need it. Think about that. The thing that women want most is being given away for free by men all around the world, to women who don't deserve it. The equivalent would be women giving us all sex on command. It's unbelievably easy for a woman to get a man to do whatever she wants without even giving him what HE wants. The closest way to fall in love is to demonstrate to these women that they can't have you for free. When you show them they need to work for your comfort, the benefits will be realized.