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The written permission of Cambridge University Press must be obtained for commercial re-use or in order to create a derivative work. This editorial summarises the Journal's metrics through its first Bjpsycch months, provides insights into the Journal's history and growth, and shares the aspirations of the new EIC for BJPsych Open. Declaration of interest K. With this editorial, we have datign been in press for 30 months with a total of 14 issues. This editorial revisits them, as the Journal embarks on its fourth year of life with my transition to the role of EIC, and provides insights into the Journal's history and progression, and my future aspirations for its maturation and growth.

To date, authors from 43 countries have submitted papers. The acceptance rate has averaged The total number of authors and the international representation continue to grow. Further, the number of reviewers has increased from a total of reviewers from 39 countries at the first assessment, to reviewers from 55 countries at the current assessment. Whereas BJPsych Open was initially conceived as a cascade journal from the British Journal of Psychiatry, BJPsych Open continues to receive an ever-increasing and significant number of independent submissions, which speaks to its growing reputation.

The publication partnership between the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Cambridge University Press RCPsych—CUP should facilitate increased quality submissions with a greater international presence, further indexing and a future impact factor.

Online dating Bjpsych

Although I envision achieving a target impact factor of 2—3 within the next 5—7 years, this should not be considered a surrogate definition for the quality of BJPsych Open; rather, the impact factor should be high enough to attract superior submissions but not so high as to preclude publication of meaningful clinical research, including case reports. Justifiably or not, the impact factor has a degree of importance in our world of academic bibliometrics, which may influence promotion, tenure and grant funding; however, as EIC, I recognise that excellent papers, whether important clinical observations, translational research or those affecting policy, may not be cited initially, but may later be cited for many years to come.

As such, the impact factor will be driven by the quality of accepted submissions, not a predetermined target number. The emphasis of BJPsych Open will always be the publication of meritorious articles that influence all aspects of mental health and associated fields — from translational research to clinical research; from stigma and quality of life to caregiver burden and coping strategies for severe mental illness; and from treatment outcomes to healthcare economics, service delivery and national policy.

Further, as an open access journal, BJPsych Open can be flexible in responding both to volume and type of articles with publication within 28 days of acceptance.

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