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Heavy forwarders start off with high tanl heavy dates and end with permanent angle down global fighters with the Many. It should also see you at least a game routes to slowly grind on the constitution team.

A turreted tank destroyer line bringing a little bit of everything to the table. Light tanks that are generalists but with above average firepower. Mtchmaking. that are excellent hull down fighters. A mixed auto-loader line with superb burst and DPM. And last but not least SPGs that bounce between high damage per shot and mafchmaking. One focusing on amtchmaking. non-turreted TDs with above average armor. The other on turret tank destroyers. The British matchmakung. tanks are extremely mobile for most tiers until tier 8 where they start to bulk up stofk larger hull down MT. Interested in the T95 and American tanks? Check out these related items on Amazon.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this t955, you agree to matchmakin. use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy Share this: Know Your Ping Latency I see countless amounts of people fail to grasp the concept of lag ping number at top while aiming and firing at other tanks. Of course in every situation it might not be the best idea to do this, but I find most of the time it is a critical turning point in a match especially if you are in a lower tier tank protecting your higher tiers. Have a ton of mediums on our team?

Better not camp. Are you the top tier and the only heavy? Stay near cover and always keep moving when out of it. The mm provides the ease of not needing to penetrate targets. M4A3E2 Tank Guide: The top 90mm has great alpha, penetration, and good DPM. Downsides are the poor armor and slightly poor hull traverse. Like other American tanks the gun depression is excellent and should be used frequently. They equip very good top guns, turret armor, and have good gun depression. All three excel at mid range fighting on hilly terrain to abuse their gun depression.

Both the M26 and M46 have difficult stock grinds to overcome before reaping the benefits. The M26 when elite is excellent at fighting while hull down even against higher tiers. It does lack a little bit of AP penetration and also is large for a medium tank.

Tank matchmaking. wot t95 guru stock tank Wot guide

The M46 Patton as of the 9. Outside of penetration the M46 Patton has killer DPM, excellent accuracy, good gun depression, view range, and mobility. If you are alright with having lower penetration than most other tier 9 mediums the M46 is a blast to play. For a medium it has a large profile which makes taking damage very easy.

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The main draw of the M48A1 Patton is being able to fill every role imaginable on the battlefield. It has no serious flaws outside of a slightly large profile for a medium and weak hull armor. M26 Pershing Tank Guide: Both are excellent tanks in their fully equipped set up and the stock set up is not all that bad either. For newer players they are a good gateway into other heavies. For veteran players they provide a great platform to slot into different roles in each battle. T1 Heavy Weak Spots: The grind is well worth it as it easily outclasses other tier 7 heavy tanks.

The T29 has the awesome mm while keeping the great gun depression and turret armor which allows it to be immune to even tier 9 tanks if hull down behind a hill. The side armor is also deceiving since the tracks cover most of the sides making it strong if angled. T29 Tank Guide: With the upgraded turret the T32 becomes very difficult for even tier 10 tanks to penetrate if hull down. The hull armor is also significantly stronger when compared to the T While the gun lacks the fear factor the armor is what makes the T32 competitive.

T32 Weak Spots: Personally, I shock take adrenaline over fire extinguisher because I really want to abuse the DPM of the M when it needs it most, and by the time someone sets you on fire by shooting your stofk you're probably already screwed. The M is a decently fast tank, and can be made even guice with guive improved fuel. The food consumables are really useful for maximizing the DPM and gun handling as stpck as traverse for those pesky Ts. Please leave comments and suggestions gurj Capped at 57 kph for whatever moronic reason, with a mediocre T8 medium gun and HE-able gurj, while also managing to be as large as a Tiger II, the CDC is truly twnk The terrible mobility and limited gun arc prevent it from even employing its gun effectively - and when you do manage to get a shot off that pens, you only hit forso why not just bring an IS-3 instead?

Get a turret, kid. If you want a meh gun and meh mobility, bring a Type 59 for the armor or a Pershing for the gun depression and turret. The best-in-tier DPM is compensated with miserable alpha and worst-in-class penetration, requiring you to stick three or more shots into a enemy when any other TD could hit once-and nobody is dumb enough to sit in front of a AT 15 like that, meaning you have to try and take the fight to them with your atrocious 20kph top speed. Your ' mm thick' front armor and wide gun arc should make this possible - except that your gun mantlet of all things is the biggest weakspot on your tank, and numerous other small weakspots exist, assuming they don't have the penetration to simply blast through your strongpoints.

Ah, mid tier British vehicles, truly a life of misery. WoT Guru October 13, The O-I Experimental is a tier 5 Japanese heavy tank that weighs in at a whopping tons making it easily surpass many of the tanks it will normally face in the mid-tiers. Starting out the O-I Experimental does begin slow with the 7. This allows you take out most tanks with two successful penetrations and is very reminiscent of playing the pre-change KV-1 which was completely over-powered firepower wise at tier 5.

The 10 cm gun does have a few downsides with 0. Penetration is also on the lower end tanj mm for the standard AP round, mm for the premium AP round, and 53mm but damage for HE. The low penetration does hamper your effectiveness against other heavy tanks outside of m since hitting weak spots can be difficult and also against higher tier enemies.