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The following example demonstrates how all three generative functions say, pronounce and sing can be used to produce speech like output: The simplest way to get the device to speak is to import the speech module and use the say function like this: We reserve the right to change this API as development continues. The pitch will remain the same for subsequent phonemes until a new pitch is annotated. DALEK poetry generator, by The Doctor import speech import random from microbit import sleep Randomly select fragments to interpolate into the template.

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The mapping from pitch numbers to musical notes is shown below: To have fine grained control of the output, use phonemes: Note the use of random. Rather, you only have to know how to say the word in order to spell it phonetically. Sing A Song of Micro: Finally, Python loops over each item in the list of filled-in poetry stanzas and uses speech. Our speech synthesiser is quite powerful in this respect because we can change four parameters: