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Middle Ages

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Initially gifts were rather modest — fruit, nuts, sweets and small handmade trinkets. These were usually hung on the Christmas tree. However, as gift giving became more central to the festival, and the gifts became clasx and shop-bought, they moved under the tree. Christmas feast The Christmas feast has its roots from before the Middle Ages, but it's during the Victorian period that the dinner we now associate with Christmas began to take shape. Examination of early Victorian recipes shows that mince pies were initially made from meat, a tradition dating back to Tudor times. However, during the 19th century there was a revolution in the composition of this festive dish.

Mixes without meat began to gain popularity within some of the higher echelons of society and became the mince pies we know today.

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The roast turkey also has its beginnings in Victorian Britain. The formation of the FA was a symptom of the desire for order prevalent at the time. There was evidently a social aspect to these organisations most were formed in pubsbut they enabled the establishment of rules and the arrangement of competitions. The first ever FA Cup followed in Mixed doubles on a Victorian lawn, c. The game's birth can be traced back to when Major Henry Gem marked out the first court on a lawn in Edgbaston. But it was Major Walter Wingfield who developed the modern game of tennis.

Helped by the invention of a rubber ball which would bounce on grass, he patented a game he catchily called 'Sphairistike' which used a 'New and improved court for playing the ancient game of tennis'. Wingfield sold sets of his game for five guineas - they included balls, four racquets and netting to mark out the hourglass shaped court. Not surprisingly 'Sphairistike' did not stick, and the name lawn tennis was adopted. At that stage croquet that was all the rage, but that was soon to change. We know it by a different name now, but in The All England Croquet Club at Wimbledon chose to adopt tennis, and a tournament for all-comers was organised two years later to raise funds.

He was very quickly proved wrong. Cricket's rules had been laid down as early asbut in an English touring team travelled down under for the first time. Seven years later a team of Aborigines toured England, although the first official Test match was not until when Australia beat England in Melbourne. Policy proposals and reform strategies promoted middle-class values and helped to cement middle-class leadership and authority. Education reform, factory reform and the New Poor Law emphasised progress and civility through work, thrift and rationality.

But, perhaps more significantly, local voluntary societies such as Mechanics Institutes and temperance societies promoted improvement cross class communication and rational recreation. Personal narratives of success were an important part of this culture. Records of achievement were popularised and promoted in books like Self Help as examples of how all individuals could and should improve. Individualised narratives of great men building fortunes from nothing became a staple part of Victorian middle-class culture.

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dting However, they need to be Mdidle with a certain scepticism. A close reading of these stories often reveals that personal contacts and supportive connections were important in establishing a business or in gaining entry to a profession. Having access to networks of support in the Manchester business community datlng central to the success of the engineer and industrialist James Nasymth. Nasmyth gained legal advise, datlng and customers through a network of professionals and businessmen in the area. Like many successful Victorian businessmen, Nasmyth was introduced to these networks through his family relations and family friends.

Despite datihg expansion of the sitex and the growth of towns and cities, reputation and personal contact ssites significant factors in business arrangements and recruitment in the Victorian period. The working class could and did enter the ranks of the lower middle-class through small capital accumulation and the ownership of a small business but such concerns were often in a very precarious market position. Booth's inquiries into London in the late nineteenth century show the fragility of small businesses. The more women worked for wages the less time they had to produce their own goods for the home.

However, there are more examples where working women shouldered the double burden of waged work and the bulk of household responsibilities, and where their role in politics remained marginal. As the 19th century progressed, there was a greater prevalence of gender-specific employment which was often used to enhance control and discipline in the workplace. Supervisory roles were almost exclusively taken by men, and men also came to operate the most expensive and sophisticated machinery and to monopolise the high status and higher paid jobs even in textiles. The expansion of heavy industries such as iron, steel, mining, engineering and ship building in the later century also created sectors which employed almost exclusively male labour, which were associated solely with male attributes and which endorsed the male breadwinner ideal.

Thus a hardening of gender assumptions in the nineteenth century was closely associated with corresponding changes in the workplace.

Find out more Books Women's History in Fating, ed. June Purvis London UCL Datong A collection datinf essays covering a range of topics from women's work and the family to education, health, sexuality and sitfs. Women, Gender and Industrialisation in England, by Katrina Honeyman Basingstoke Macmillan, A concise volume good on gender, class and industrialisation. Links The Womens' Library An organisation of historians of women in Britain promoting research and writing on women's history. This website also contains a number of very useful links to other websites associated with the history of women.

Spartacus Schoolnet A website directed at schools containing biographies of key women in the history of the British women's movement. Places to visit There a several museums which help to recapture the nature of Victorian society and the place of women within it, most obviously the Victoria and Albert Museum in London which has wonderful collections of art and artefacts reflecting the nature of the middle- and upper-class Victorian home. Smaller museums yield information and evidence of women's work and their patterns of dress and consumption.

The new industrial and commercial middle classes of the Victorian era were great patrons of the arts, and some Ui provincial art galleries contain major collections of the sorts of works which they commissioned as well as work depicting domestic interiors and women. Give the single sitee and widows the work. For instance, infemale civil servants passed a resolution asking for the banning of married women from their jobs. The resulting ban was enforced until There were other setbacks. During World War One, hospitals had accepted female medical students: The National Association of Schoolmasters campaigned against the employment of female teachers.

Inthe London County Council make its policy explicit when it changed the phrase 'shall resign on marriage' to 'the contract shall end on marriage'. Top The vote Finally, some historians believe that the war was a key element in the granting of the franchise to women over the age of 30 years who held property in However, gratitude for women's war work cannot explain why only women over the age of 30 got the vote while it was the younger women who had done the work. Rather, it is more convincing to argue that the lobbying of the feminist movement and the commitment of the Labour Party to a wider franchise were crucial factors.