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The grounds are lush and really well kept. Equidistant between Carrizalillo and Angelito Beaches, it is 2 minutes from Espadin Restaurant where we ate multiple times for the sunset view and good food. Less populated than the other more favoured beaches this has two to three bars and restaurants and is secluded with high cliff faces coated with tropical forest on either side. If you are looking to surf, relax on a beach, eat great food or watch sea life up close, all for an easy price tag with a relaxed atmosphere then there are so many things to do in Puerto Escondido for you. Perfect view, up on 2nd floor, and private being tucked away in the corner unit.

Fantastic location. A sleepy beach town that is made up of backpackers, retirees and locals. Oaxaca region is very proud of there several types of both these delicacies, so give them a go. Beds are comfortable, safe environment, and beautiful surroundings.

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If this is your only stop in Mexico make sure to try out the mole a sauce made out of several herbs, spices and chillis and Mezcal the local drink. She is quick to respond and has a well maintained condo. I would struggle to say anyone that was head and shoulders above the rest, they were all good quality, with a reasonable price.