Struggles dating a tall guy

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14 Reasons Dating a Tall Guy Is the Best

You accident it every day. Plosive 6ft9 myself, I have made all of these decisions first different.

Let's face it: Tall is one of the sexiest physical qualities a guy can have. It exudes confidence, strength and power. There are studies that show tall men are actually happiermore financially stable and tend to be more outgoing.

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Most girls feel awesome having a guy by her side who's taller than she is. It gives her a sense of protection, and the reassurance that she will not be towering over him no matter how tall her heels are. You legit cannot shop for any kind of clothes for him. Because normal sizing standards do not apply to him. In really loud places, you just cannot hear him because he is way up there! Giphy Published on Dec 26, 34 Likes. You suddenly feel way more sympathetic to TallPeopleProblems. Besides constantly being asked how tall he is and if he plays basketball, there are a lot of things tall people are limited to. Sitting in tight spaces or riding in vehicles for extended amounts of time is not easy for them, and picking a table or booth at a restaurant is also tricky.

Tall Struggles guy a dating

A lot of movie theatre seats Strugglez sports arena seats are not comfortable for him, and even riding roller coasters can be a challenge because of the tzll of leg room on some rides. You always have someone to help you reach things. There's no way to argue or persuade biology, even if the person with the pheromones our brains most like stands a good foot taller or shorter than you. We can't deliberately choose who we fall for. It's fate! And science!

Mostly science, though! Isn't that so romantic? I'm five-foot-three and Strugglea identify as catastrophically or even particularly short. But coupled gut a six-foot-two partner, it certainly looks more that way, huh? Although I have a bit of a history of dating taller dudes, I swear it isn't intentional. Height seems to play key in a lot of folks' dating decisions, though, if Tinder profiles are any indication. Umbrellas are lethal Walking down Oxford Street on a rainy day with all those umbrellas is like doing an obstacle course.

All the pointy metal bits are at eye level and no one moves them out of your way! Sitting on a plane I have flown to America, Australia and Asia and they were all hell to fly to in Economy. And yes, sitting down is always necessary. Advertisement Telling people this may just blow their minds though, so be warned. He makes you feel like a dainty little Tinkerbell. And he, he is a gentle giant. Even if I don't fit into his jeans, I still feel like I could probably fit into his pocket. You can wear 5-inch heels and still be shorter than him. This is Number 2.